6.892 Archive of Announcements (Fall 1999)

9/08 Enrollment, course mailing list, and handouts.
This class is currently over-enrolled. We will hand out another sign-up sheet during Monday's class after which we will make a decision about how to proceed with the class. We would like to start using the course mailing list, 6.892-students@mit.edu, as soon as possible to disseminate information to the class. If you wrote your email address down on the signup sheet during the first lecture, we have already added your name to the list. If you are interested in taking this class and your name is not on the list, please subscribe to the mailing list no later than 5pm on 9/9/99. You can subscribe/unsubscribe from the mailing list in one of two ways:
  • # blanche 6.892-students -a username on Athena (or -d to delete). You can find more information about using Athena mailing lists through Athena's on-line help
  • If you don't have access to Athena, feel free to send mail to Joanna at jokulik@lcs.mit.edu, and she will make the appropriate changes to the list.
We will place course notes outside of NE43-514 some time on 9/9/99, and we will send out mail as soon as they become available.
9/10 Handouts available.
Copies of course handouts are now available outside of Laura Blackler's office, NE43-514.
9/15 Homework, tutorial, projects
1. On Homework 1, part (c), assume that the CRC system is pipelined at the sender and can process 32-bits of data at a time. The system is not pipelined at the receiver. Why? Using this assumption, calculate the delay for a single 1024-byte packet.

2. Please note that Homework 1 is due next Wednesday, 9/22. A previous version of the schedule listed the due date as 9/20. Thanks to those of you who pointed out the error.

3. A reminder that Joanna will be giving a tutorial on the ns simulator this Friday in NE43-518, from 2-3pm. Homework 2 will include several problems that make use of the ns simulator, so you are highly encouraged to attend. If you can't make it to the tutorial, not to worry, there is an on-line tutorial on the web. We will post more information about this tutorial and other useful ns pointers on the course page soon.

4. We will hand out project suggestions in class next Monday. You need to start looking for project partners as soon as possible. If you have a particular project that interests you, but you dont' have a partner, feel free to use the course mailing list to advertise for partners. If you have tried everything and can't find a partner, turn in your name on the day that project partners are due, some projects that you are interested in, and we will do our best to match you up with someone else.

9/17 ns on Athena
Homework 2 will include several problems that make use of the ns simulator. Note that we have added a new page to this site containing information on using ns on Athena. This page is also accessible from our useful links page.
9/20 HW1 Errata
For those of you who are using tcpdump on Athena to do problem set 1, we have a correction for part iii of problem 8. Athena's tcpdump does not seem to understand abbreviated host names in its filter expression. You should therefore run the following filters to produce "wind.txt" and "breeze.txt":

tcpdump -N -r ftp.tr host wind.lcs.mit.edu and port ftp-data > wind.txt
tcpdump -N -r ftp.tr host breeze.lcs.mit.edu and port ftp-data > breeze.txt

Apologies for the late notice and thanks to Rafa Nogueras for pointing this bug out to us! :)
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