6.892 Computer Networks Lecture Schedule (Fall 1999)

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Date Topics Readings Optional reading; remarks
9/8 W Overview, goals, logistics
Single link communication (MAC & link layers)
None assigned MB76 (strongly urged)
9/13 M Internetworking, IP, Internet architecture, reliability, TCP overview
Homework 1 assigned (due 9/22)
9/15 W TCP reliability, timers, data-driven rxmits KP91, CJ89 (for next class)  
9/17 F Tutorial on the ns simulator (2pm, NE43-518, Joanna)    
9/20 M E2E unicast congestion control
Project suggestions handed out
Jac88, RJ90  
9/22 W Queue management: RED, encouraging end-to-end c.c.
Homework 1 due (in class)
Homework 2 assigned (due 9/29)
Project partner names due (in class)
FJ93, FF99  
9/27M Queue mgmt (cont.): fair queueing and variants DKS90, PG93  
9/29 W Unicast routing: distance-vector, link-state, wide-area routing
Homework 2 due (in class)
10/1 F Project proposals due by 3pm (NE43-514)    
10/4 M Landmark routing, Multicast routing (DVMRP) Tsu88, DC90 [Huitema96]
10/6 W Scaling multicast routing: CBT, PIM, BGMP BFC93, DE+94  
10/11 M Holiday (no class)    
10/13 W Routing performance, delay & loss experiments Bol93, Pax96  
10/18 M Router implementations, MPLS P+98  
10/20 W Mobile IP & wireless routing (we ran out of time and didn't cover the ad hoc routing protocols) Joh96, BMJ+98  
10/25 M Wireless TCP, MAC protocols, cross-layer interactions BSK95, BDSZ94  
10/27 W HTTP, HTTP/TCP interactions PM95, BPS+98 BRS99
11/1 M Adaptive applications: ALF, RTP, RAP CT90, RHE99  
11/3 W Scaling multicast applications: IVS & RLM BTW94, MJV96
11/8 M Future service models: utilities and incentives She95, BSS98  
11/10 W Class cancelled (mid-term)  
11/10 W Mid-term quiz 5-6.30pm in 4-237 Up to (and including) topics covered on 11/8/99
11/15 M Differentiated & integrated services, RSVP CSZ92, CF98, RSVP   
11/15 M Initial project write-up (checkpoint) due Include outline of paper, progress so far, related work section
11/17 W Traffic analysis and network dynamics LTWW94, Pax97  
11/22 M Reliable multicast F+97, Pap98 RMRG
11/24 W Naming & rendezvous MD88   
11/29 M Web caching FCAB98, CiscoCache  
12/1 W Programmable networks W99, AMK98  
12/2 Th, 
12/3 F
Project presentations in NE43-516 (all day)    
12/6 M Security: IPSec, firewalls RFC1825  
12/8 W Wrap-up, review, speculations (deeply networked systems, networks of devices) [KKP99]  
12/9 Thu Final project papers (2 copies) due by 4pm in NE43-510
(Absolute final deadline; NO EXTENSIONS!!!)
Hari Balakrishnan